Visit our microbrewery, 646 Beer Lab, near downtown Ensenada inside TAKA Sushi y Bento restaurant. 

About Us

What is Chikilla?


Chikilla Craft Beer [Chee-kee-yah] is an independent Mexican-American microbrewery company founded in 2014 by Alfonso Estrada and Mayté Murrillo. Based in Ensenada, Baja California, Mx., Chikilla Craft Beer strives to be an influential producer of Mexican-American craft beers within its community by creating unique beer styles and valuable experiences for its guests. Chikilla aspires to influence the community of San Diego in 2019.

About Our Beer


We often take the classic old world brewing styles and combine our own brewing processes with the highest quality ingredients with an added twist of Mexican-American culture. We use a wide variety of ingredients to achieve the aroma, body, flavor and finish that will have you come back for more.

Beer Menu

Tranquilizer ABV: 9.6%


Tranquilizer, our most recognized beer thus far. This Marzen has a distinctive toasty and biscuit malt aroma in which is swiftly blended with a smooth signature whiskey that renders it as royalty. 

Fisherman's Choice ABV: 4.5%


Fisherman's Choice, a full-flavored golden ale and lite tasting beer that is perfect during a hot sunny Sunday afternoon.

Loop 463 IPA ABV: 8.01%


Loop 463 IPA, a full bodied brew with English and crystal malts, It’s crafted as an introductory level of the IPA style. It’s a trophy in a glass!

Tuff Blondie ABV: 5.24%


Tuff Blondie, an ale with a mild bitterness, medium body but has a smooth tart finish. Its refreshing taste is reflected in its excellent balance of imported grains and hops that provides a satisfying drinking experience.

Red Barrel Sunset ABV: 5.63%


Red Barrel Sunset, this brown ales is made with special malts that produce a warm toasted flavor and gives off an aroma that promotes its medium red color.

Texas Pistolero Pecan ABV: 7.76%


Texas Pistolero Pecan, is a Porter style beer made with roasted pecans from Riverside Park, Victoria, Tx. The pecans are used as grains to provide its nutty characteristic and a delightful depth to the flavor profile. It is very lightly hooped to allow the malty, caramel and nutty flavors to shine through.

Beer Menu

Black Intentions ABV: 5.24%


Black Intentions, an oatmeal nitro stout brewed with roast flaked oats and chocolate malt grains. We infuse it with nitro to give it an extra smooth and creamy body.

Desert Pale Ale ABV: 7.59%

Desert Pale Ale, the amarillo hops used in this light golden Pale Ale deliver a bitter yet full bodied taste. We further dry hop it for 10 days with Cascade hops to deliver it’s fresh hoppy aroma.  

Angel Kiss ABV: 6.5%


Angel Kiss, a loving pomegranate pale ale infused with an aged tequila sent from heaven.


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